Good Things Come In Small Packages

If a giant event production company (or really any large vendor for that matter) has pitched to win your business, you’ve likely met the top brass who wowed you with their jaw-dropping global capabilities. But to truly compare apples-to-apples with other production companies, all you need to ask is one simple question, “For a company my size, with my budget, who is actually going to work on my business?”

Big, national and multi-national event production companies are often really good at one thing – selling – but not always good at delivering the goods on the event floor. Every company is different, but there are many common reasons why efficiency and scale don’t usually go hand in hand:

  1. Big company, stretched resources – Sure, the senior executives are sometimes available to consult on a project, but quite often, after the deal is made and the check clears, the daily work is often done by a rotating pool of available crew members, mid-level executives, and junior staffers.
  2. Poor communication – The larger the company, the easier it is for communications to breakdown or stall between the client and producer or internally within the production company.
  3. Set Practices – Big ships, by nature, are difficult to steer. Some large companies insist that clients adhere to their practices, guidelines and protocols instead modifying practices to best suit the client’s needs or work style.
  4. Communication noise – Some requests are essential and need to be handled quickly; others are low impact and can lead to wild goose chases. Much like the lion and a thorn, a small glitch can bring a giant team to a halt whereas a more nimble team with fewer links in the communication chain can quickly prioritize and resolve issues.
  5. Not catering to the client’s business – As with any relationship, you don’t truly get to know someone until you spend time with them. Big shops tend to apply the theory of “what works for one, works for all” especially when a client is in an industry they’ve worked with before.

The Bellwether Solution

When you meet us before or during the proposal stage, you’re meeting the people who will actually be working on your event; we’re resourceful and have proven track records in every department and at every level.  We get to know your business inside and out – your product and objectives; the wants, needs and mindset of your customers and event attendees; and all of your brand standards and guidelines.

Whenever you need us, we’re there for you – even for projects that we are not working on directly. For one client in the technology sector, Bellwether saved the day in the middle of the night — on two separate occasions. We were their event producer for domestic events; another company had the honor overseas. When their digital signage in Europe crashed, we took their call after hours and worked through the night to create and send repair code. We solved their problem during the same time their European event producer was pushing back and saying the only solution was to do it their way.

By being lean and filling out our event teams with trusted production vendors that are best-suited for each event (versus in-house employees that must be used every time) – we can mold each event to best fit the client’s needs and preferences instead of asking the client to bend their needs to fit the way we work.

We’re not a big firm. We’re not small either. We’re any size you need us to be. Our mission is to produce events of any size — big results without the big headaches caused by bureaucracy, red tape and inefficiency.