The Myth and Reality of Flawless Execution

Bellwether prides itself on delivering Flawless Execution – it’s a big, bold statement for sure, but what does it mean? For every event element we can control, there are countless more that we cannot. Hiring. Training. Production. Rehearsal. We’ve got those down to a science. Power outages. Natural disasters. Traffic. Flu Season. We can’t prevent these things, but we can plan for them.

There’s a big difference between “things going wrong” and “things not going according to plan”. When things go wrong at an event, attendees are snapped out of their desired experience – be that to learn, to train, to network, to be entertained, to close sales, or all of the above. When things don’t go according to plan, event producers use their skills, instinct, training and resources to keep the attendee experience on track. Your technical director may know a bank of LED PAR lights didn’t fire on cue, but the attendees were still dazzled by the graphics, spots, and music that filled the gap. If attendees leave excited about what they experienced, then mission accomplished. The same goes for senior executives attending the event; they might be unaware of a few behind the scenes anomalies but will surely notice an audience that generates the desired reaction.

So, how do event producers anticipate the unexpected? Bellwether brings its A-game to every event we produce; our playbook is filled with Plans B through Z to roll with every twist and turn. After creating the desired event plan, we brainstorm every possible thing that could go wrong. Our strategy is to “act” instead of “react” whenever possible. When a particular non-desirable event occurs (such as an equipment failure), we merely activate the part of the plan that keeps the event on track while resolving the problem. When unforeseen events occur, we react swiftly with our partners, leveraging our expertise to quickly and efficiently overcome the challenge.

Life can be messy – but with the proper planning, preparation and processes, execution can be flawless. To illustrate how we stay on track under pressure, Citrix Booth Synergy 2017 proved to be a perfect storm in both a literal and figurative sense.



We’re proud of our work and our role as innovators in the industry. In the months ahead, we will share more insights, advice, life lessons and stories from the front lines of event production with you.