Impactful Signage Matters

Hotels and convention centers can host a Comic-Con one weekend and a medical symposium the next. When visitors arrive on the front steps of your event, they shouldn’t see the venue in front of them; they should be swept into your world. The event producer’s primary mission is to transform a structure’s empty shell into an engaging space that appears to have been custom built exclusively for the event. If the venue is the artist’s canvas, impactful signage is their paint.

Bellwether events are immersive experiences where people are inspired, educated, engaged or entertained as the mission of the event calls for. We start with the bottom line, our client’s budget, and work back from there to maximize the impact of every dollar invested. Next – we either match our client to the perfect venue, or work with the venue they’ve already lined up.

Site Inspection

Whenever possible, Bellwether designers attend the site walk through at the start of the project. At large production firms, this role is typically fulfilled by an account executive who tours the site, takes pictures, and writes a creative brief. This approach can greatly dilute the potential impact of an event by limiting the creative possibilities of the design team. Where one person sees a promenade fountain that must be worked around, a designer envisions a transformative brand display to welcome and wow visitors. Brick walls, ceiling rafters, carpets, stairways and elevator doors are all ripe with creative potential.

Technical Inspection

An event producer never wants to promise something they can’t deliver. Bellwether brings along technical advisors from our production vendors to factor in elements like lift access, rigging specifications, lighting challenges, and element exposure such as sun, rain, snow and wind. We collaborate on the design plan to ensure everything we propose can come to life, on time and on budget.

Instructional and Directional Signage

You want your attendees to have a great experience, and that experience shouldn’t include confusion and frustration. The more questions guests have, the more pressure felt by your event staff. Where are the symposiums? When is the keynote? Am I in the VIP line? These are common questions – and their answers are all subject to change at the last minute. Bellwether anticipates these changes by creating digitally printed signage that can be modified on-site as the event unfolds. While we refer to these updates as “patches”, they will look completely organic to the eye and are much more aesthetically pleasing than a hand-written note taped over a pre-printed sign.

Why it Matters

Your event is a direct reflection of your brand. The same attention to detail you spend on the quality of goods or services you produce should be reflected in any event that carries your name. If clients have a haphazard, frustrating or unpleasant experience at your annual event, they might think this reflects on the quality of your work year-round. But, if they are wowed, inspired and buzzing about an incredible event, that experience will strengthen their brand loyalty for years to come.