Impactful Signage Matters

Hotels and convention centers can host a Comic-Con one weekend and a medical symposium the next. When visitors arrive on the front steps of your event, they shouldn’t see the venue in front of them; they should be swept into your world. The event producer’s primary mission is to transform a structure’s empty shell into […]

The Myth and Reality of Flawless Execution

Bellwether prides itself on delivering Flawless Execution – it’s a big, bold statement for sure, but what does it mean? For every event element we can control, there are countless more that we cannot. Hiring. Training. Production. Rehearsal. We’ve got those down to a science. Power outages. Natural disasters. Traffic. Flu Season. We can’t prevent […]

Good Things Come In Small Packages

If a giant event production company (or really any large vendor for that matter) has pitched to win your business, you’ve likely met the top brass who wowed you with their jaw-dropping global capabilities. But to truly compare apples-to-apples with other production companies, all you need to ask is one simple question, “For a company […]